TAMARS® is a specialised treatment available in our Congresbury clinic to address any biomechanical dysfunction of the spine and is the best option if you suffer from back or neck pain.  Treatment is delivered by a hand held device with three modes of treatment; Spasm, Reflex and Mobilisation. Watch the video above for more information and to see TAMARS® in action.


In order to assess the effectiveness of TAMARS®, 21st Century Back Care have collaborated with the biomechanics department at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to review the latest research and understand what screening techniques could best distinguish between healthy patients and those with back pain.  Armed with this information, test patients were given functional tasks such as bending and twisting whilst being screened with a 10 camera motion capture system which could accurately record spinal movements.  Patients were screened again following a TAMARS® treatment and once more following a further 3 TAMARS® treatments.

Using the camera system, the acceleration and velocity of the spinal movements could be measured to assess spinal control which the research showed was the best guage to assess to effectiveness of the treatment.  How did TAMARS® do? Well, judge for yourself:

“Overall this study has identified short and long term applications of TAMARS® to positively influence the spinal biomechanics during functional and clinical tasks. It can be concluded that TAMARS® positively influences spinal control. This improved control may be due to an increased proprioception of the surrounding muscles, causing a greater degree of spinal stability and therefore reducing the participant’s pain.”

Participants found improvements in pain levels, general activity, mood, walking ability, normal work, relationships with others, sleep and enjoyment of life.  Get in contact if you would like to experience these benefits!


On August 31, 2005 the revolutionary physical therapy device, the Advanced Spinal Mobilization Instrument (what TAMARS is known as in the United States) received FDA marketing and treatment clearance.


To get the greatest benefit from TAMARS at our Move Freely clinic we recommend having a minimum of 3 treatments.  For many this will be all that is needed but for more serious or long-term conditions, extra sessions will be required.

Initial Tamars Treatment & Assessment

60 mins - £40

Follow up Treatments

45 mins - £30