Are you a golfer looking to improve your performance?
Does your golf swing cause you pain?
Do you want to swing freely?

If you answered yes to any of those questions the Move Freely Clinic can help you.

Dave Coulson is a level 1 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) biomechanics coach. This means he is qualified to identify and correct areas of dysfunction in your body that prevent you swinging the club in the way that you are being coached. Put simply, Dave is an expert at helping improve your golf game.

TPI’s Philosophy of the Golf Swing:

“We don’t believe there is one way to swing a golf club, we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.”

What Is Move Freely For Golf?

The Move Freely golf biomechanics screen has been designed in conjunction with TPI to put you through a comprehensive screen. This will highlight any bio-mechanical issues that are inhibiting your golf swing.

The Move Freely screen takes 30 minutes. You will be taken through a series of 16 exercises to determine strengths and weaknesses in your body. We will also screen for nerve tension, muscle imbalances and postural dysfunction.

The results of this screen will highlight the 12 most common swing faults as compiled by TPI. We will then video your golf swing from 2 positions: Down the Line and Front on view.

Together we will review your results and put together a training programme to help you become fit for golf. 

We are all biomechanically different. Without understanding what those differences are you can't identify if there is a problem with your swing. Is due to poor technique? Is it something that you have to do to compensate for a mechanical problem? Is it frustrating that you can't swing the way your coach wants you to?

These are all questions we can answer together during your Move Freely screen.

For example, lets take typical causes of a slice:

  • club face angle
  • incomplete back swing,
  • weak grip
  • reduced weight transference
  • upright back swing

All of the above are issues that your teaching pro can help you with. But what if you have a biomechanical problem such as a leg length difference caused by a pelvic dysfunction? That is where the Move Freely Clinic can help you.

We know that through the way the spine and pelvis work, a longer right leg compresses the joints in the spine on that side so that they can't rotate easily.  Thus, during the back swing, when you rotate to the right (assuming a right handed player), the spine is forced to side bend to the left slightly in order to gap the facet joints and initiate the rotational movement.

This causes an upright back swing which leads to a more out-to-in swing path and therefore a slice (depending upon grip and ball position of course). So, you could work all day on preventing this upright back swing, which you know is leading to a slice, but it will not change until you've addressed the leg length discrepancy.

There are many more of these biomechanical issues that can lead to common swing faults. These include:

  • poor control between the pelvis and shoulders
  •  nerve adhesions and stiffness
  • weak core muscle control
  • immobility around the hips. pelvis and spine
  • lack of flexibility.  

Some of these issues sound quite technical and complex, but they're actually simple to test for and eradicate using the Move Freely for Golf Screen.



Follow Up Golf Fit Biomechanics Program

60 mins - £30

TPI Golf Screen with Video Analysis

60 mins - £30