Dave Coulson opened the Move Freely Clinic to help you move free of pain. He has a passion for helping you “to be the best you can be” so that you can enjoy living your life to the full.

We are here to help people from all walks of life to move pain free. It does not matter what profession or job you do, if you're in pain and it is affecting you in any way then the Move Freely Clinic can help you.

Move Freely specialises in Spinal Mobilization, Biomechanics and Sports Massage/Therapy. By keeping things simple and clear we help you to understand your issues without confusing jargon.

We like to think  ‘outside of the box‘ and look for problems that you the client are not even aware exists. Often these hidden issues may be the primary cause of your symptoms /injury.

About Dave

Dave Coulson has been a qualified Remedial Therapist and Sports Therapist/Masseur for over 30 years. An ex RAF Physical Training Instructor, David has worked in Rehab units helping injured service personnel recover from a diverse range of injuries.

He recently trained as an ASMI spinal mobilisation therapist. This means the Move Freely Clinic has the latest technology in back care treatment.

Dave has  worked in some of the UK’s premier Golf and Country clubs helping members with their fitness and sports injuries for over 25 years. As a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 Golf Biomechanics Coach, Dave has the ability to help you improve your golf performance through biomechanical screening.

As a TPI Level 2 Medical Professional, Dave is qualified to assess all golfing related injuries and can provide you with the correct treatment and rehab protocols to help you return to golf in better shape than before.